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Carrier Services

HotBed is first and foremost a business communications consulting firm. Our focus is to simplify the often complex process of designing, implementing and servicing communications systems for companies of all sizes.

We have extensive relationships with the nation’s leading telecommunications service providers so we can continually meet and exceed even the most challenging data, voice and video communication needs of our clients.

At HotBed, our objective is to help our clients realize the long-term benefits of sophisticated business communications solutions without losing sight of the short-term demands of their day-to-day business.

What We Are

HotBed Technologies, Inc. is a Platinum Carrier Services Solution Partner – nationwide. As a key partner with many top-tier Carrier Services Providers, we have access to every carrier resource, which we in-turn utilize to support our valued customers. Working only with “best of breed” partners, HotBed Technologies is uniquely positioned to deliver you the best, most reliable carrier services solutions the industry has to offer.

What We Do

HotBed Technologies will design, process, provision and project manage an entire carrier services solution all at no charge to the customer.  We will be your single point of contact for all of your carrier services needs. We will provision the quoted services on your behalf and provide project management and ongoing support for the life of these services. The pricing we offer will be the best each respective carrier has to offer. Due to tariff restrictions, you cannot find it for less through a different channel (or even directly through the carrier).  We are not a “reseller”, our clients will become a direct carrier customer and you will be able to contact the chosen carrier directly (if you choose) at any time.

Most importantly, we will coordinate the carrier service installations with our HotBed Technologies Professional Services Team (or the vendor of your choice) to insure a smooth installation of contracted carrier service orders.

Solutions & Offerings

Voice solutions
Local dial-tone (analog POTS, CustoPAK, etc.)
Hi-Capacity (ISDN PRI, T1, Integrated T1, SIP Trunks, VoIP services)
Long Distance, Toll-Free, International, Conference Calling services
High speed Internet solutions
DSL, FiOS (fiber to the prem.) as primary or back-up
Dedicated T1, NxT1, DS3 and Ethernet Access solutions
Primary and back-up / BGP routing / redundant solutions
Wide-Area Network and Data Center Solutions
Point-to-Point / Multi-point: T1, DS3, Ethernet (10, 50, 100, Gig-E)
MPLS Networks / MPLS with Internet, Voice, SIP or VoIP overlay
Complete Data Center / Co-Location solutions
Disaster Avoidance / Recovery Solutions
Alternate Serving Wire Center (ASWC) / Alternate Entrance Facilities (AEF)
Custom Redirect solutions
SONET Ring solutions


  1. Qualify / understand client’s requirements
  2. Design solution and provide accurate and timely Carrier quotation(s)
  3. Generate Carrier required documents for client review and approval
  4. Process approved documents and submit order(s) to selected Carrier
  5. Complete project management throughout the provisioning and test & turn-up process
  6. Ongoing support / expertise for the life of the service(s)