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Hosted Voice (VOIP) Features

Hosted Voice (VOIP) Features for Employees

Enterprise-grade calling for employees. Simplified administration for you.
Our hosted voice or VOIP service offers calling features and admin tools that help everyone on your team do their jobs better.

Our Hosted Voice (VOIP) Service Helps Your Staff Communicate Better

HotBed’s hosted voice or VOIP service gives small and medium-sized businesses the same enterprise-grade desktop calling features found in Fortune 500 companies. We work one-on-one with organizations in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area to ensure peak efficiency.

    Key hosted voice (VOIP) features include:

  • Automated attendant answers and routes every VOIP call.
  • Hunt groups ring multiple people at once or in a specific order to ensure no VOIP call goes unanswered.
  • Click-to-call connects your phones with Outlook and with your desktop, allowing you to reach your contacts with the simple click of a mouse.
  • Find Me/Follow Me automatically rings your office and mobile at the same time. Never miss a call when you’re away from your desk.
  • For the full list of hosted voice (VOIP) features, see the Detailed Features PDF.

Mobility Lets You Connect from Any Location

Our hosted voice (VOIP) service keeps your staff productive whether they’re at their desks or on the road.

  • Automatically forward desktop calls to mobile phones with Find Me/Follow Me or ring mobile and desk phones at the same time.
  • Respond faster with voicemail-to-email.
  • Enable your smartphone, or tablet to manage your Find Me/Follow Me settings. This lets you ensure that critical calls are reaching you no matter where you are.
  • Smartphone Mobile App allows staff to use their smart phone as an extension off the HPBX. Don’t miss a single call while on the road. When placing a call, present your office caller ID instead of your cell phone caller ID, and save on roaming charges.

Conference Calling Simplifies Collaboration & Cuts Business Travel (add-on feature)

HotBed’s Smart Conferencing service makes it easy to get groups of people on the same line and on the same page.

  • Connect up to 25 people on the same line with no reservations required.
  • Host up to 100 people on scheduled conferences (only limited by the number of call paths configured for your system for users dialing in from other location).
  • Schedule conferences in advance.
  • Distribute unique control codes for host and guests.
  • Conference waiting relieves host of having to be first online.
  • Hold conferences from any phone, anywhere with a private, DID (direct dial) dial-in number.
  • Simple pay-per-use billing plans.

Hosted Voice (VOIP) Features for Administrators

For hosted voice (VOIP), HotBed already manages all your maintenance, upgrades, feature introductions, migration and support. We will also handle the remaining tasks below, but you can also use our simplified and powerful online control panel to manage them yourself.

  • Simplify moving, adding and changing users.
  • Manage all settings, including your auto attendant menus, hunt group setup, and more.
  • Add and remove features for individual users or groups of users.
  • Manage multiple offices and remote users from anywhere.
  • Users can administer their own voicemail profile with a personalized online tool.

Already Have Phones?

If you have SIP compatible phones, check with us, you may be able to use your existing phones with our hosted voice (VOIP) service. Please contact a sales representative to see how easy it is to use the phone you already have.

For the full list of hosted voice (VOIP) features, see the Detailed Features PDF.

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