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John Lemen, President, Washington Group Solutions, Falls Church, VA

“Maintaining an on-site PBX was very time-consuming. We couldn’t justify the time and expense anymore. Using HotBed Hosted VOIP services allows us to run our business efficiently, allowing us to support hundreds of customers, with under 30 employees.”


Patrick Tobey, General Manager, Washington Golf and Country Club, Arlington, VA

“One of the primary reasons we chose the HotBed solution was the built-in disaster recovery capabilities it offered. There is no longer one single point of failure in our phone system, because the HotBed service architecture offers multiple redundancy and rerouting capabilities.”


Kevin Cole, CEO, Referral Staffing Services, Vienna, VA

“Our staffing firm has been using HotBed Technologies for years, and we can rely on superb customer service and system reliability. In the staffing industry, responding quickly to customer needs is critical, and HotBed allows us to achieve our missions.”