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Phone Systems Washington DC

Choosing the Right Phone Systems for Your Business

Understanding how well a specific system suits your business office is one of the most crucial aspects in choosing the right phone system that you wish to install within your building. That can be done simply by dealing with all the prerequisites ahead of time and knowing every possible constraint of a specific system to help you deal efficiently with your consumers, vendors, and employees.

Today, business phone system service providers like Hotbed Technologies are coming up with excellent features meant to accomplish a competitive edge and attract the attention of customers. If you are considering business phone systems in Washington DC, some of the features you need to search for are:

  • Interactive Voice Response

As the name specifies, this feature is very crucial in lowering overhead expenses for most companies who employ it. It enables your firm to engage with your customers 24/7. It also enables customers to get information regarding their billings, report any stolen cards or ask any concerns they may be having.

  • Computer Telephone Integration (CTI)

This is a quite unique and vital feature advantageous to companies which require information instantly. Companies like call centers and those in the banking sector will find this feature instrumental. This feature can be utilized efficiently to retrieve data about client’s profile and also serves to lessen errors connected to the dialing of numbers.

  • Call Convergence

The days where you couldn’t merge calls through your phone systems are long gone. Just like the mobile phone has experienced massive changes in its features, business phone systems have also experienced a transformation. In fact, you’ll find many things you can do with your business phone system. These are sending instant messages, faxing, emailing and video conferencing.

  • Automatic Call Forwarding

This is quite a one-of-a-kind feature which is useful in the forwarding of calls to a number that is external to the company like a home phone or a mobile phone.

  • Automatic Call Distribution

This is a feature which is typically used by call centers and was in-essence created to help them keep track of the number of calls done by employees in any shift and duration of calls.  This feature is helpful in assisting your company to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness.

Any business which hugely relies on the use of telephones for the efficient and smooth running of the company will find the given features of our phone systems very important. All of those features are meant to guarantee that your company meets your business goals and that your clients are content beyond measure.

In short, such features are bound to improve your relationship with clients, and guarantee that every need of your customers is met. Here at Hotbed Technologies, we make sure that all of these are presented to you. We guarantee that your network is secure, responsive and running at its peak performance.

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