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Perks of Opting to a Hosted VoIP Providers in Virginia

If you’re like the majority of people in Virginia, you might have some misconceptions while deciding which VoIP providers in Virginia is the best choice. This post explains one of the best possible solutions of what Hotbed Technologies’ VoIP solutions can offer and how you could benefit from it.

  • Automated Value Added Services

Did you know that VoIP can offer you some extremely practical value-added features like management facility, 24/7 monitoring, call recording, direct delivery of faxes and voice mail to your inbox, auto attendants, conference calling, voice mail and so much more?

  • Data Transfer Capabilities

Hosted VoIP solution can transfer data. That denotes you get to transfer data files like reports, photos, and other stuff over the same internet or voice connection.

  • Perfect for Small Businesses

The ease of installation, as well as the low cost, make our hosted VoIP the best telecom solutions for medium and small-sized business. Also, you can add more numbers to your current setup seamlessly as your business grows.

  • Cloud Telephony

You are aware that hosted VoIP is a cloud-based telecom service. Therefore, you get to take advantage of the benefits which come with this technology. What’s more, you could have automated telephone facilities sent to any phone, at any place anytime. That get rids of the hassles of maintaining and owning expensive telecom equipment.

  • Numerous Location Handling

One of the best features of our VoIP telecom solution is its ability to deal with different locations. VoIP phone systems incorporated with a hosted PBX is an excellent telecom solution. You could have staff working for your business virtually in any place. Also, you could have staff working for you abroad, along with access to local numbers.

  • Easy to Install and Operate

If you want to be functionally operative, all you need is a fast and reliable internet connection, VoIP telephone sets and a subscription from a VoIP provider. The option of uniting VoIP phone systems along with a hosted PBX makes the hosted telecom solution more highly practical.

  • Less Costly

Ultimately, this kind of telecom solution is less costly as opposed to other accessible telecom alternatives. The main reason why our hosted VoIP solution is comparatively less costly is that it needs less equipment and the call rates are massively affordable.

What’s more of why this type of solution is less expensive is that you don’t need to bear the price of the hosted PBX in case you’re getting the service.

Hotbed Technologies is one of the leading VoIP providers in Virginia. We offer IT and communication solutions to business and companies to help make them operate efficiently with the help of technology. Our company places huge significance upon developing shared opportunities through the long-term and strong partnership with our clients, our staff and the manufacturers we signify.

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