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VOIP Providers Washington DC

VoIP providers Washington DC offers businesses of all sizes customizable communication solutions.

Migrating to the cloud is the fastest growing trend in business communication today. Big businesses have been using the services of Washington DC VoIP companies for years and thanks to Hotbed Technologies these services are now available for small to medium-sized business for an affordable and reasonable price.

Why Use VoIP?

The biggest appeal of using the cloud as a communications solution is the fast and easy onboarding and migration process. There is no need to cut back on production or man-hours to install the system, it is as quick as plugging in the phone and getting started. A state-of-the-art VoIP hosting system like the one provided by Hotbed Technologies even allows clients to keep their old phone numbers so there’s no hassle in changing your contact details.

No More Outdated Equipment

Businesses tend to budget for communication upgrades regularly because the equipment that comes with on-premise hardware tends to depreciate and require constant maintenance. These unnecessary steps take a significant portion of the year’s communication and operating budget but become irrelevant after migrating to the cloud. A mobile app and a strong internet connection are needed to continue using the system years after initial migration.

Your business can save a great deal of money while at the same time cutting back on technological waste, a win for your company and the environment.

Work Anywhere Without Interruptions

Another benefit of using the Washington DC VoIP system is the accessibility it offers. Workers do not need to be on-site to receive important calls from overseas because all they need is an app that connects them to the cloud. The system will synchronize all gadgets to ensure the best connections possible.

In times where servers are down, there’s no need to halt production either. Our cloud-based system uses a built-in redundancy that is connected to several high-security data centers located all over the country. These top-tier centers get regularly audited for signs of weakness and failure to minimize and fully avoid service disruption.

Prompt Customer Service And Assistance

Switching to a cloud-based communication system comes with a learning curve. Never fear because our team is always ready to help and are monitoring all Cloud activity every minute to spot signs of disruptions before they can affect your business. All support calls are answered and entertained within 30 minutes during business hours to ensure prompt solutions for communication problems.

Guaranteed Business Continuity

Since we use the cloud to host all of your communication solutions and data, business continuity as well as data disaster recovery is a guarantee. All you need to do is access to the mobile app or our web browser to remotely reroute all communication done via phone in affected areas to offices or homes that are unaffected by the disaster. It’s business as usual with the help of VoIP, even after a disaster has come and gone.

Know More About The Cloud

Speak to one of our VoIP providers Washington DC representatives to find out when and how your business can start migrating your communication solutions to the cloud.